The Critics Are Unanimous about DonnieBob!

“Pure heresy.” – Christianity Today

“A revelation. (Whatever that means, we never could figure it out.)” – Hollywood Reporter

“A force of nature.” – Paleontology Today

“A beloved figure.” –Shape

“May be the missing link.” – Darwin Online

“Real enlightenment. No I mean like, really.” –Yogi Times

“Puts the nerve back in nirvana.” –Himalayan Monthly

“Puts the schiz back in schizo.” –Psychology Today

“Puts the pest back in pestilence.” –Pandemics Digest

“Give me a psychotic break. Please.” – Journal of Neuro Science

“Get out your Depends.”—Renal and Urology Nursing

“Better than an enema.” – Modern Colonics

“Never heard of him.” –Variety

“Who?” – Alzheimer’s Care Hourly