Armageddon, Interrupted

George W. Bush fantasy as Michael Jackson on Mission Accomplished aircraft carrier.

Armageddon, Interrupted

is a feature-length, 107-page black comedy screenplay, a fictionalized version of the Bush-Cheney administration and their all-consuming “War on Terror.”

Log line:  An American President, persuaded by his conniving advisors to invade the Middle East on behalf of Wall Street, Big Oil and American Empire, greatly scales back on his ambitions once he comes to realize something his Christian right base completely missed, that he might be fulfilling the prophecies about the Antichrist.

Tag Line: It’s disgusting!


A shadowy group of European elites meet at an exclusive resort in the Bavarian Alps to discuss their plans for major world population reduction. To further their goal, they come up with the idea of a Global War on Terror that will eventually kill off 90% of everyone but them. Those that are left “we will stampede into our lobster trap.”

Realizing that they will need the might of the American military to enforce this new global order, they are concerned that the imminent election of George A. Schtickengrovel as President could cause their plan to backfire if he hijacks the idea for his own purposes. As the story unfolds, this is of course what happens.

They contact the new President after his Inauguration and half-threaten him with their demands. Schtickengrovel is furious but his manipulative and ambitious advisors decide it’s not such a bad idea after all and persuade him to use it for his own aggrandizement.

From there a combination of the sinister and farce follows as the administration lurches from one bad idea to another, starting with a contrived terrorist attack on Dizzyland, the invasion of the obscure country of Yakistan, and the overthrow of Saddam Da Saim, the former business partner of the President’s father. Along the way he gives an inane speech mesmerizing the world after the attack, does a klutzy corporate rollout of his War on Terror, and stars in a fantasy song-and-dance number to Michael Jackson’s Beat It! on an aircraft carrier.

Nothing however seems to deter him from his ambitions until two intel officers, his plausibly-deniable point men, discover that his religious right backers may be inadvertently helping him fulfill the prophecies about a coming Antichrist who becomes embroiled in the Middle East. Spooked by this thought, the President resists the pressure of his Vice-President to become Permanent Decider and determines to leave office after all, making possible an historical election as the movie closes.

Armageddon, Interrupted has a zany, rapid-fire wit to it similar to a Lego Batman, Airplane!, UHF, Hudson Hawke, Simpsons, Family Guy or Pirates: Band of Misfits mindset. Yet it also combines some real life insights into the actual goals behind the War on Terror and serves as a unspoken warning to American Evangelicals especially, about their gullibility in selling themselves so completely to right wing politics. It is the first of a three-part series including one covering the Trump years and into the future.


Don Clasen, Screenwriter

Don Clasen’s professional background is that of a highly-trained theologian with a specialty in the area of eschatology and futurism. He knows how the Church world thinks about this subject like few other people on the earth. A copy or treatment are available to any producers, directors or other principles who would like to know more. Just write or call him at:

(310) 770-2772

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