First Annual Report

for Part-Time Mogul Productions, Inc.,

a California S Corporation

Greetings to our fans, well-wishers and other members of the public at large!

Welcome to the annual report on our first corporate board meeting held on Feb. 27, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. Presiding over the meeting were the only three current board members, I, me and myself (aka The Part-Time Mogul, Professor Blowhard and Lord Donniebob). “I” brought the meeting to order.

Part-Time Mogul Productions was granted California corporate status in February, 2020, just weeks before a global pandemic shut down Hollywood and much of the rest of the US economy. As I reminded the others of that, me and myself let loose with a predictable wailing and rending of garments, caterwauling and bemoaning of fate. “Leave it to Murphy’s Law for Mogul to get off to such an auspicious start,” was typical of the cynical, pessimistic sentiments offered up.

At that I tried to keep it positive with the thought that the virus didn’t infect any of us until the middle of January, leaving just enough room for us to recover sufficiently in time to hold this meeting. “Surely,” I noted, “the gods of film are smiling down upon us.”

In spite of such good intentions, the Professor, always a pessimist, couldn’t seem to resist making the crack that on top of all this good luck, now we are bound by law to make this Statement and cough up the required $25 fee to accompany it. I noted what insensitive language this was on his part while Lord Donniebob continued to pound the imaginary mahogany table we were meeting around and bewailing our fate.

“Sheesh,” I thought, “this is not going so well.” Nevertheless I reminded them that our first project had been to produce “Our Boy In Washington,” a feature-length black comedy about our illustrious former President. The script was all ready by the fall of 2019, but we had agreed we would wait until the start of the new year to apply for corporate status. We did this so we could legally raise investors’ money to fund it and still leave plenty of time to take advantage of the first year tax-free benefit just in case things didn’t jell very quickly. It was about this time the pandemic hit I noted, which led to another round of bewailing our fate at the hands of the gods of Hollywood irony.

I noted optimistically that our country actually survived to reach January 20, suggesting a new lease on life and a return to normalcy. This could be looked upon as an opportunity for a reset seeing as how PTMP seemed dead in the water from its birth. The others grudgingly agreed it might be worth a shot, so, the long and short of it is, we have nothing to report thus far.

The Financials

That’s right. Here’s our activity for fiscal 2020:




Pretty boring, huh? But isn’t this an opportunity so much simpler than pouring over multi-billion dollar spread sheets from Brand X corporations barely hanging on this past year?  Of course it is! So you’re welcome to send I/me/myself large checks so we can afford to open a corporate bank account and hire an attorney to help set up the details we never got around to.

Thus far the plan is to place Part-Time Mogul Films, the websites and its subsidiaries,, and under the corporate umbrella. I/We may also try to shoehorn our painting business, Palisades Painting in there too if we can legally swing it. Always want to be civic-minded, you know.

We agreed to take a shot at re-writing “Our Boy,” taking it from a docu-comedy (where there’s always a problem with an uneven tone) to a straight black comedy and go from there. By this time next year we hope to be well along the way to making this a reality or even a fait accompli. If worse comes to worse we are willing to be busted down into being a company complacent enough to be making YouTube videos on weight-loss, sound religious doctrine and/or a number of other online business ideas. You can’t say we don’t have a broad perspective.

At that Lord Donniebob, always impatient, asked if there was anything else we had to cover. I said, “No, that’s probably it,” at which me concurred and thus unanimously, the meeting was adjourned until next year at this time. We hope to make this something of a Valentine’s Day smooch to you all this way. For now.

Yours Truly,

Donald R. Clasen

The Part-Time Mogul and President of the corporation.


What a bunch of bureaucratic killjoys! After going through all that trouble, I find out they only want a Statement of Information, that it’s only every two years, and it doesn’t start till next year! After I sent in the $25! Man, gotta read the fine print.