Welcome To My Right Brain…

  • #1. Scarfist Monk
    #1. Scarfist Monk
  • #2. Lord of Bruiser
    #2. Lord of Bruiser
  • #3. Professor Blowhard
    #3. Professor Blowhard
  • # 4. The Ballad of Lord DonnieBob
    # 4. The Ballad of Lord DonnieBob
  • #5. The Friar Tuck of Tinseltown
    #5. The Friar Tuck of Tinseltown
  • # 6. The Part-Time Mogul
    # 6. The Part-Time Mogul

Welcome To My Right Brain

…such as it is, where the most developed part is found in the lower right hand corner. LordDonnieBob is the official alter ego of Donald Robert Clasen, SeriousGuy. He serves as something of a folder within which all the files of my multiple personalities are stored. Within this sector you will learn all about them—The Scarfist Monk, The Friar Tuck of Tinseltown, Professor Blowhard, the Part-Time Mogul, etc. Take one or collect the whole set.

You need to know that this condition is not my fault. It is an act of God, literally. Ever since my commitment to Jesus Christ in 1974 I have started each day with an hour in prayer. For the first 15 years this was pretty much a dull affair, so much so that apparently even God got bored with it too.

Thus it was that in September of 1989, I started seeing little animated cartoon-like characters in the spirit. Whatever I would talk about (which is pretty much anything under the sun), God would interpret back to me in the form of these little toons acting out. It was all pretty cool, reminding me of my psilocybin trips of earlier, hippy days.

I swear, in the innocency and integrity of mine heart, I meant to be as serious as I could be.  After all the New Testament says even the deacon must be grave. How much more someone called to higher office such as moi?

But resistance was futile. In time God began to throw some real zingers in there, witty little double entendres, applications way out in left field, even off-color jokes. I thought to myself, “Wow, He must be incredibly bored and frustrated by the cluelessness of human beings down here.”

In time it taught me my sense of humor such as it is. How so? Now I don’t just suffer from “Hollywood Values” (well, some Hollywood values), but also a Hollywood sense of humor—bombastic and iconoclastic, insensitive and irreverent. It hasn’t failed me yet.

As with all great epic tales, there’s a backstory to all these people. And a good place to begin is to


starting with # 1, The Scarfist Monk

# 1. The Scarfist Monk

The Scarfist Monk

The Scarfist Monk was one of two multiples that surfaced before my attaining unto visions in 1989. While at Bible college in the 1970s, I was getting so ascetic and bored that I decided to …

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